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    What to use to test memory stability?

    Well, I cant find a decent way to test my memory stability...

    I havent tried yet memtest86 because I dont have a floppy disk drive and I cant create the startup disk it needs....If only it could create a startup CD i would be ok but....

    Anyway, I have tried :
    1)memtest for windows
    2)windows ram diagnostic (runs at dos)
    3)prime blend (lots of memory)

    but although they seem stable at 214 , whenever I run warcraft3 it will give me a fatal error after some time, even at 213 ...

    All this with Kingston 1Gb 3200 BH-5 (2-2-2-5), at 2.9V on Abit NF7-S .

    Its not the CPU or anything else that causes war3 to hang, its the memory, that is tested...

    So I dont really know what to believe with those bench programs...
    Is there one that is stressfull enough to give accurate results? or should i just use war3 as a stability check????

    Finally, I am really dissapointed by my ram if it isnt stable at even 213 at 2.9V can I do to make it go 230+ , give it 3.3 volts???

    I am gonna do the vdimm mod sometime soon, but if this memory is stable at only 210-212 at 2.9V , I dont think i got much chance to get it high (((
    And I wanted at least 230 , and if possible , 240+ with lots of volts just for benches...

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    You can download a zipped ISO image for a bootable memtest86 cd.
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