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    Hi I am Steve , and I am addicted to computers

    I am a trim carpenter , who liked playing paintball and watching my computer monitor .
    I kinda collect some comics and a few pez dispensers

    thats me just really laid back kinda guy unless I am in my Jeep , then I get just a touch of Road Rage , but just the smallest amount , its not hardly even noticeable at times

    Early in life I had to choose between honest arrogance and hypocritical humility. I chose the former and have seen no reason to change.
    Frank Lloyd Wright

    "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't
    matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss

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    hi, my name is matt and i am a recovering alco... wait wrong intro

    i'm matt bentley (makes sense from the nickname) and i'm currently a sophomore in college attending indiana university - purdue university of indianapolis (IUPUI). i am studying computer technology with a focus on networking (as you can see if you figured the % of posts i make in each section ) i love computers almost as much as my girlfriend (see avatar)

    when i am not at school or sitting on the computer, i am usually at work making sure america gets fatter with double cheeseburgers

    that's about it...

    oh yeah, and i love to post in green with tons of smilies!
    13" macbook pro (retina, early 2015) -- intel i7-5557u -- 2 x 8gb ddr3 -- intel iris graphics 6100 -- os x yosemite
    intel i5-750 -- msi p55-gd65 -- 4 x 4gb ddr3 1600 -- evga gtx 960 ssc 4gb -- silverstone gd09b -- ocz fatal1ty 750w -- windows 8.1 x64
    intel i5-3330 -- msi z77a-gd65 -- 4 x 8gb ddr3 1600 -- intel hd graphics 2500 -- fractal design define r4 black -- debian wheezy amd64

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    Hi, my name's Kevin Peterson. I'm a freshman at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. I'm a trumpet player (see nick) and majoring in Music Education, and I aspire someday to be a college band director, however I plan to start my career in high school.

    Let's see... what else... I technically have two cars, a 1996 Grand Am (which I plan to sell soon, it is nickel-and-diming me to death with repairs), and my dad's old 1992 Plymouth Voyager (far more reliable than the Grand Am) with almost 176,000 miles on it. I guess my hobby outside of computers is gradually working on the Voyager and attempting to get it to burn less oil.

    My personal best overclock is a Celeron 1.0A running at 1.53GHz. It has since been backed down to around 1.47, but it's still running there a year and a half later.

    Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading this synopsis of me and WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!

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    My name is Mike and im the US Army stationed at Fort Rucker, AL. I'm married with 3 kids and currently work as a Lab Technician at a research lab. I've always been a computer geek ever since i fried my dads 386SX while toying around with it. You learn best by breaking things first.

    I am thoroughly entrenched into the gaming community since its my second love next to my wife and kids. I am a Senior Operations Staff member for and am also a head administrator for Gaming is really what got me into Overlclocking because you know gamers are always looking for that extra edge. I love to educate those in my community about hardware and making the right decisions when it comes to upgrading. I get my nickname from being a long time University of Michigan fan even though im not from there. A friend of mine got me hooked on them while i was in high school and i haven't looked back since.
    AMD Athlon 64 Opteron CAB2E Week 0548 2805 mhz (255x11)
    Geforce 6800 GS @ 528/1175
    1GB Mushkin Level I Black PC 3500
    DFI LanParty NF4 Ultra-D
    Thermalright XP 120 w/ Panaflo HighFlo 120mm Fan
    WD 320gb 16mb Cache
    Lite-On 16x Dual Layer DVDR/RW w/ Lightscribe

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    Hi, I'm stoopid (no kidding! ).

    I'm a PITA. That's about all you need to know.

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    Well like a few in here I am easy to decipher: Stedeman = S tephen T edeman I am a fellow "comp-u-holic" and at times a real pain in the @ss (mostly as the devil's advocate). I am also married with child and a part time Machinist student and a full time Automation Spec. (for about 6 more months). My main hang outs are the Classifieds and the Cooling sections
    PS look into Folding as an added computer addiction .
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    Ontario, Canada

    I'm Tyler. I am a senior here. I usually stick around in the Networking, Internet & Security dept, and I am also a casual in the OS forums.

    I am a college student, studying in Networking (woah, big surprise there!). Currently on co-op as an IT Security Administrator for a large company. I'll be back to school in January, graduating September 04. (Hire me!). Besides all that, I must mention my anime addiction, and my love for photography.

    All of the other unimportant details about me can be found in my profile. I am usually friendly, and don't bite. I'm always open for chat via PMs or through messengers.
    "Some people, when confronted with a problem, think 'I know, Ill use regular expressions.' Now they have two problems."

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    Omaha, NE
    Hi, I'm Matt McIntosh. I live in Omaha, Nebraska. I'm 20 years old, I have my Associates Degree in Computer Networks and Information Technology. I work at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Facility in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska.

    My interests are: Computers (duh), movies, music, and chasin' the ladies . I currently do NOT overclock, but at one time in the past I did.

    Hmmm, that's about it. Have a good day all.

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    Computational Oncologist / Biomathematician / Moderator on Vacation, Ph.D.
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    <off topic>
    Hello to another Nebraskan, then. Are the Huskers any good this year? -- Paul
    </off topic>
    My heatware (macklin01)

    Need image I/O for your science apps? Try EasyBMP

    My biomedical research: Mathematical Cancer Modeling & Simulation

    I'm on vacation as a moderator as I devote more time to my faculty position.
    Thank you for your understanding if I don't respond to your PM. -- Paul

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    Originally posted by macklin01
    <off topic>
    Hello to another Nebraskan, then. Are the Huskers any good this year? -- Paul
    </off topic>

    1 loss so far, better than last year

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    First person to get a new member in here gets a dollar!
    The OC Forums Way
    We are a team. We are a community. We are a fellowship made strong by mutual respect and shared dedication to the task of enriching all who come here.
    The OC Forums Thank You Thread
    Put your computer to work for our OC Forum Teams!
    Try out our POST TEMPLATES, they save you time answering common questions!

    I spend half my money on CPUs, GPUs, and Liquid Nitrogen. The other half I waste.

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    Stamford CT

    Hi im a dude who just joined the forums

    Ok im in gibbs college and studying digital media,and in the process of trying to hook dreamweaver to geocities,and its not connecting.But hellow anyway glad to be part of this community,
    and looking forward to learning more about operating systems.
    Again glad to be here

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    name: Tim
    location: AL (usa)

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    Banned Camp
    Well, you can all call me Malpine. I first used this name in an online RPG based on Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” series. Actually my first name is Douglas and I am a psychiatric social worker.

    I found the forums about two and a half years ago when my old computer bit the dust. Actually, I killed it by running it pistol hot with no case cooling for several months. That not withstanding, I had had enough of tech support that did not exist (that computer had a sticker on it with a toll free number to call but none of my calls were ever answered).

    Given that, I decided to finally take responsibility for my own computer and learn how to build one from the ground up. As my last computer had had a case cooling issue, that is what I looked for on google. One of my searches turned up an article on the front page about a refrigerated case. So by and by, I made my way to the forums. I read quite a bit for several months before I registered and made my first posts (search for them if you want to see a real noob).

    Over time, I learned the way of the forums and at some point I must have impressed someone because I got a PM a few months ago asking me if I was “feeling blue”. I guess the rest is history.

    Also, IMOG: I brought Toby_23 in here a few weeks ago. You owe me a dollar.

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    Scotland - And don't you forget it!
    Good [Insert time of day in your part of the world here] to you all.

    I'm Red.Or RDD. Or any other shorter way of typing reddeathdrinker you can think of! Real name? Alasdair.

    What's Red Death, and why do I drink it? In the 1800's, Wm. McEwan, a brewer in Edinburgh, made a slightly stronger beer, made with roasted barley, to export to British troops serving throughout the Empire (we ruled the world back then you see.....) Look at my avatar. See what Tux is holding? Yup, a bottle of Export. Called Red Death, because of a: the colour of it's container, and b: if it's not your usual tipple, you feel like crap the morning after......and I drink it. If you're old enough in your country, go wrap your laughing tackle round a pint of this fine piece of brewing history.

    I'm an Engineering Technician (Propulsion) in the Royal Air Force, working on the Nimrod MR2 aircraft at RAF Kinloss, on the beautiful Moray coast in Scotland. I do a lot of computing at home, mostly on Linux. I am a keen mountaineer - click for bigger pic!

    That's me on Liathach 4 days ago (from this post!)

    I also make scale models of aircraft, armour and sci-fi stuff, have a wife and two kids, two cats, a dog, a budgie and two big fish tanks..........

    Enjoy our forums, you can only make them better!
    We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.
    How do you recognise something that is still technology?
    A good clue is if it comes with a manual...

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    Albany, NY
    Name's Jack.

    I'm a retired professional firefighter. Started messing with computers in '85 when I was secretary of our local union, and since have gotten into upgrading, repairing, and now building systems(all self-taught, with assists from here). I've been here since the old iteration of the forums, back in the late '90s.

    Single best OC was getting a 300mhz Celeron to 600 with aircooling. Not often you get 100%.
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    Asteroid B-612
    I'm Captain Slug
    Nobody obsesses about size more than me

    Often times I find myself taking apart random objects.
    Virginia is where I'm living at the moment, but that could change.
    Every post I make is aimed at being helpful.

    My other hobbies include: Art, 3D modelling, College
    Your computer is probably better than mine.

    However, I put alot of effort into my machines.
    Each machine I built is tailored to perfectly meet my needs.
    Altogether I've built and modded 20 machines.
    Don't mess with the Master Shoe-horner.
    ||[ Oni is a bot! ]-[ My Heatware]-[ In the event of an emergency, the nearest senior member may be used as a floatation device. ]||

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    Edina, MN
    I'm Alex.

    I've been overclocking for about 6 years or so. I don't post much anymore, but I'm always here.

    I go to school at a community college in Minnesota, but I don't have a clue what I'm going there for.

    I work at a gas station.

    I'm completely addicted to autocross, and during the summer I autocross my Miata regulary, sometimes driving nearly 5 hours each way just for 5 or 6 minutes of seat time. Sometimes I even win my class, too.

    My current computer projects are a mini ITX system for my car to play music, and eventually a complete upgrade of my main system to better suit my current needs.
    P4 2.6C, Abit IC7-G, 1 GB Mushkin PC3500 Hi Perf Level II, Radeon 9700 Pro AIW

    1994 Mazda Miata R package

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    Redmond, WA
    I'm Christoph, although I used to be "IdeaMagnate." I also used to think I was a mouse, but that was a long time ago.
    I really like playing with and using my computer, and am not especially fond of overclocking. I've got plenty of power (but never enough RAM) in my 2 modest duallies (XP1600 and PPro 200) and I've found that OCing can cause the GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) to break. I use Gentoo Linux, which makes custom compiling everything very easy, so you could say that my software's overclocked.
    I enjoy scripting, reading about Unix and Zen and taking long walks on the beach at sunset. I usually spend my time here in the Alt OS forum, where I try to explain that backing up to /dev/null is a bad idea, no matter how fast it is.

    I also write limericks when I get stressed out or stay up too late.
    FoldSig | Heatware | Alt OS FAQWiki | JAPH | ADO

    "Coming onto the forums after you've had a concussion is prolly not a good idea, but I'm doin' it anyways!"

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    Scottsboro, AL
    I'm Keith and I'm a senior in mechanical engineering at Auburn University. I stumbled across these forums a couple of years ago when I was getting ready to transfer to Auburn, and I'm still on the forums usually on a daily basis (although I do more reading than posting). I'm usually up at insane hours doing homework or running to the engineering computer lab to work on the current Matlab assignment at the last possible minute. Yes, I'm a procrastinator (I'm working on it though). From the knowledge I've gained on these forums I've built my own computer, overclocked an Athlon XP from 1.53GHz to 2.3GHz, built my own inline watercooling loop, and built 4 systems for friends and relatives. My aunt also had an older PII computer with some software problems and said I could have it if I thought I could fix it. 1 reformat, 1 Windows install, and a couple of drivers later I had a perfectly good PC which I gave to my mom, who didn't have a computer.

    My user name is also the name of an exciting jello-wrestling event held somewere in Birmingham, AL. I heard the name one time and thought it'd make a really cool forum name.

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