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    2.4c M0 (SL6Z3) or 2.6c D1 (SL6WS): Which one best to OC?

    Hi guys, new in the forum...

    I'm building my new PC and I want it to be as fast as a plane but as cheap as possible (not easy, isn't it? ), bassicaly for PhotoShop works.

    I'm going to get a P4P800 (really good, as I read in everywhere) but I'm not sure about the CPU:
    As I've read in lots of forums, a 2.6c is as good to OC as a 2.4c, but, of course, it can be OC'ed to higher speeds, but... most of those post were written before the M0 version for the 2.4c (SL6Z3)...

    I've read in a few forums that the M0 (which seems to be EE without L3 cache) is a really amazing overclocker, but... Is it even better than a faster 2.6c with a not so good stepping?

    Also, like I'm on a reduced budget, I can't afford PC3700 or PC4000 memories, so, I will go for PC3200 DCh ones (if you can, please read also my post on this topic Faster of bigger memory? ), and I think the x13 multiplier of the 2.6c (instead the x12 of the 2.4c) will be nicer with the OC'ed mems (correct me if I'm wrong), cause they'll work more "relaxed".

    I can get the SL6Z3 where I live and the 2.6c also (and even cheapper!!! ) so... what do U suggest?

    Also, I try to get as much speed as possible with the stock HS and Fan (I'll buy a better one anyway if the CPU gets to hot) and, according to intel specs (2.6c D1 (SL6WS) and 2.4c M0 (SL6Z3)) the 2.6 has a better Thermal Spec and Thermal Guideline, so, I undertand that it will not get so hot with the same HS at default Vcore and same OC'ed speed.

    Any help with this issue, will be appreciated,



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    I have heard that the mO actually runs cooler even though tis specs say different.

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    Personally, I'd get the 2.4C M0, that's what I've been looking for lately, but you're right, the 2.6C is probably a better match for PC3200 RAM.

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    2.4C Mo is the best choice

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