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    Did I miss something? (120GB Hitachi)

    hi all, i noticed that newegg has the 120gb hitachi's for like 150, and pricewatch shows them as the only place with them... yet i had found in my browser the link to a page i previously saw them on and found them...are these drives still okay? or is there some flaw that was discovered that would make people not want them? -just checking the status of these drives, is all...because i was thinking of getting one or two

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    actually, would you mind saying which model you're talking about? the GXP120, GXP180 or 7K250?

    all 3 shoud be alright actually, although the 7K250 is the newest and fastest.

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    i was talking about the 7k250 - i think that there is nothing wrong with them, mighta just not been showing up on pricewatch when i checked

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