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    Don't get disk with serial nr in sequence

    My 2 disks (of 4 disks) on raid 5 crashed in one night.
    If possible get from different manufactores.

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    know what u mean but i had a few ibm die over about a year. i had 2 wd and 2 ibm now just use 4 wd
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    I've heard this before. Usually recommended if you run RAID arrays or other large harddrive pools.

    If you were to get drives from the same batch(say 1 and 2), if there is a flaw in one there is likely to be flaws in the other.

    You just take your chances. The joys of technology.
    P.S Don't ever buy optical cable from name-brand stores. 30 bucks for a 6 footer. Ha 20 bucks for a 25 footer online.

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    Thats scary, and good advice. I was planning to build a 4-disk RAID5 with Maxtor drives in the near future, and would have probably bought them all at once. Thanks for the info.


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