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    aiw 9800 pro clock speeds

    I am new to this and I have a question
    I just bought a new p4 2.8 H-threading computer with 1 gig of ram and a aiw 9800 pro.
    It has been a disapointment from day one.For the first 2 weeks it crashed everytime I tried to play a dvd or game.
    Finally I installed the new agp drivers for my chipset and It is working.However after that much trouble I`m not sure I trust it.
    I got a copy of rage3D tweak and it shows my core clock speed at 378 and my memory clock at 337.
    My question is does this sound right for a new out of the box card like mine. thanks for any replies

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    hey i'm getting the same sort of system in a couple of days and those news are not very inspiring (still a bit nervous, till I get it going and know everythings OK), but i'm curious as to what board do you have? (i take it it's not an intel chip)
    hope everything turns out ok for you.

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    my board

    Hi I didn`t mean to concern you. My board is a Asus p4s800. Actually I`m a little happier now. I changed my agp setting from 8x to 4x and things are going better.
    I did a 3d benchmark and got 5600, when I did a comparison online this was nothing to brag about, but at least I can play my games and dvd`s now. Thanks for the reply it dosn`t look like the folks here are much into newbie rescue . Good luck with your system I`m sure it will be fine.

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    You clocks are right for a stock 9800 Pro and your 3dmark03 score looks normal. You can improve them by overclocking of course. Try the rage3dtweak...
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    Is the core overly hot? Put your finger on the back of the pcb over the core, If its more than pleasantly warm then I would take off the heatink and replace the thermal pad with some Ceramique.

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