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    Uninstalling Direct-X 9

    Hey guys. I installed directx 9 as part of windows update, and now i've installed postal 2, which won't let me play because i can't turn hardware acceleration on. This is probably due to the fact that my video card won't support it. So how do i uninstall 9? I've tried installing 8.1b on top, looking for an uninstall within program files, and going through Add/Remove programs and Add/Remove Windows Componants.

    What the heck?


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    Have you tried a system restore if you're using XP (log into safe mode, you may be prompted)

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    well, you can download direct x destroyers...I have used one of these once and it pretty much killed my OS (although it was for ME and I used it on XP ) - but thats more of a make sure you read through the site carefully warning.

    still, I have used Postal 2 with DX9 fine, when you say you cant turn hardware acceleration on - in the DX9 settings? you cant do it at all?

    I would say either DX9 your GFX card drivers are borked, probably look at reinstalling both and trying again.

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    One of the warnings given by DX9 when installing is that it cant be uninstalled. So the only fix is supposedly a format and reinstall.

    However, you may want to try this:

    It just might work for you


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    i use to play postal2 on my ti4200(det.45)(98xt now) with dx9.0b with no problems.
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