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    MC462a pitted after 2 years???????

    I'm not alarmed, because I can practice lapping on this thing before I get my waterblock. However, I thought this to be particularly odd. Take a look at this pic (0.5MB), (linked to spare the modem users). See the pitting? That coincides precisely with where the athlon contacted the base. It hasn't been remounted in 2 years, and the somewhat hardened grease (cleaned off) was the original that came from Swiftech. What do you suppose caused this?

    On a related note, I expected to see no visible amount of grease directly over the processor, but there was; at least 2 sheets of paper in thickness. Is this a sign that my pads are pushing back harder than the 462's springs? Do I need to trim off the pads to ensure a proper seat? I never had a complaint about temps, but then I never was able to overclock due to poor choice of memory. I really like having the pads there, cuz it makes mounting this monster HSF a lot easier.
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    Normally that happens if there's some dirt in the thermal compound when mounting the heatsink. Through the vibrations of the heatsink over time, the dirt begin to dig deeper into the surface --> pits!
    That would also explain the thick layer of compound, because the dirt hinders the compound from spreading evenly.
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    I recently removed my MC462a from my CPU after it had been there for about 2 1/2 year. I had no pitting at all. As a matter of fact I had a mirror image of everything that was printed on the CPU core on the base of my cooler. I was running a 1GHz TBird @ 1.46GHz the whole time. But the base was smooth.
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    In all my grease testing I've found at least 1 grease with large abrasive fillers, causes pitting on soft copper.

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