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    nforce 2 3.13 drivers safe to use

    basically after i installed the 3.13 drivers the new ide drivers buggered up my system. my plextor cdr wouldnt be able to be run by some programs, especially audio extraction and burning software wouldnt work or didnt show any cd in my drive.

    there have been a few reports of this.

    I remeber there was an option to skip the installation of the new ide drivers in the 3.13 driver setup. will that mean I can use the new drivers safely without buggering up my system?

    has anyone tried yet?
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    Yeah it works, in fact if you head over to forums you'll find in the Drivers sections some people that have created their own unified drivers package. They took the best of the nVidia drivers from different releases and combined them into one install, complete write-ups and install instructions included. Good Luck!
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    I had the same problem with the IDE drivers, plus the ethernet driver in the 3.13 has high CPU utilization problems. Like germanjulian said, best bet is to find a good unified remix driver set. A guy buy the name of mwarhead over at nforcershq always does a really good job on the ones he makes.

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    whoa... I personally would be a little wary of homebrewed driver sets, but it's your box (or more appropriately, your Windows install) that's at risk.

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    Not really all that homebrew: the mwarhead remix drivers are just the 3.13 UDP driver set with a different/older NIC driver... the UPD is a collection of various drivers that installs under one executable, he simply replace the problem causing NIC driver with a different one.
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