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    Nexsus Fan Controller

    worth it? jw should i spend the 40 on the controller its sound activated too and it controlls like 4 fans if im right but the thing is im not overclocking or anything at the moment so im not sure?

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    WELCOME TO THE FORUMS:Probably better to wait and see what you're going to do.In the mean time you can look and research the controllers.There is a search function here at the top of each
    page,on the right.If we type in FAN CONTROLLERS, & hit enter.
    Wheather or not you want to get a controller is ultimatly yours.

    This is what i got when i did the search for you.LINK

    Heres a review just to give you an idea.
    ALSO try to google. type in: reviews fan controllers see what you get.
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    that thing cost 40 dollars? if you really want the sound activated stuff... if it even is im not sure, then go for it, but i would much rather go to svc and spend 15 bucks on the sunbeam.

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    I had a Nexsus Fan Controller, I think it was a 305, the thing never worked. It had an option for the lights to be on all the time or sound activation. after setting it to "lights on" after a few minutes it would fail to sound activation. later I E-mailed vantec and never got a response. I replaced it with the sunbeam unit from svc and have been happy ever Since.

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    sunbeam huh? is that a fan controller with lights i mean i saw a video on it and it looked like it was pretty cool but the thing is i dont really want the blue lights id rather have like black lights or something to make a better effect on it because i have the glowing cables and all. Oh yeah one more thing what if i got the lights myself and connected them to the fan controller would they be sound activaed to or are there just some certain kind of CC's

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