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    Is my chip the problem?

    Ok, so I've got everything set up in my sig and I'm thinking, "maybe my 2.4C just doesnt want to go any higher..."

    I got my OCZ memory just last week, but I'm pretty sure it's got BH-5 chips in it. My 2.4C isn't M0 stepping though. Could that be the problem? I've been seeing people getting FSBs in excess of 290 on air!

    I used to have a 2.4C chip that'd go to 280, but now, I'm barely stable at 270 with this one!!! I don't want to have just spent a bunch of money on a new system and have a lower OC than I used to!

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    I have heard a possible problem with ocz plat pc 3500 ram.

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    what fsb:memory ratio are you using? give us alittle more info about the problem and how you are going about it.

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