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    The Thermaltake Xaser Classic?

    what do you guys thing about the the Thermaltake Xaser Classic? is it good? nice interior build? link

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    Never seen it before. Looks like the Antec cases. Ide buy it.
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    Here is the same case at NewEgg . Only differences are maker, has a window and usb / firewire ports at the front for only $6 more plus free shipping. I have a Chieftec Dragon myself but mine is black. The Dragon has to be one of the most copied case designs I've ever seen. They have lots of room with plenty of HDD bays. You can mod the fan locations to accept 92mm fans. But that requires a lot of cutting and drilling. Extremely sturdy in construction. But they are not Lan Party friendly as they are very heavy fully loaded. If your looking for a case to take on the road I would suggest something smaller.

    Since Newegg isn't being kind to my links today I had to post to the general Chieftec list. The one I am talking about is 10th down the list.
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    I am not a expert on pc's but like sharkman said you can get more case for a little more money. If you need front usb ports this dosn't have them. I am using a xaser III on my current build and the case is well built and a bit more money. Unless you already have a power supply that is also something to consider. On my case it was only $25 more to get a 420 w power supply. I would do some more searching before getting this case. Steve
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    its basically the chenming/cheiftec case. the price is about right for that... there are some similar ones at directron for 50.

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    its basically the chenming/cheiftec case. the price is about right for that... there are some similar ones at directron for 50.

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    i noticed the case doesnt have a fan slot on top. is this a big issue?
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    Enermax CS-10181-B (Black)Server Case
    same as the xaser3 except for the front bezel.
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