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    Problems with my Lian Li

    I just got my badass Lian Li case in the mail today, and i tried to take out the stock case fans to put in my 3 tornado's. (I got a baybus). The little black rivets that hold them in, WONT go back in, is there some special way to put them back? do i just force em in? All the screws i have dont fir the hole either, what to do?

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    the black thing is a two-piece design..

    the first theing u do is stcik the part that has the split plastic pieces, 4 little "spike things" and stick it in the hole u want it to go in...then push the other part, the outside part that u see and push it in the first piece u stuck in the hole...

    these things were a pain in the arse for me to try how to figure how they work...
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    Yeah the fan rivets can be a pain(moreso to remove than to get on, which is simple). Basically the spike piece forces the tubelike piece to open up (which is what keeps the fan in place). If you trashed your fan rivets taking them off you can order more from a number of sites.

    PS: As for the 3 tornados... Hopefully you don't have neighbors for a few miles around?
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    ahhh, i got it now, i didnt know there was 2 parts to those rivets, thanks alot.

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    How many overclockers does it take to put in a fan? J/k, I had the same problem, glad to see you figured it out.

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