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    Smile Air Cooling: A decrease of 30C

    Got a SLK-947U and CoolerMaster's TLF-R82 Blue 80mm Neon LED Fan a few days ago. (from neweggs. delivered after 2 days. free shipping too ^_^)

    I am very surprised + happy with the result!
    Yep that's right. A decrease of 30C for the CPU!!!

    My previous hs is a crappy evergreen Al hs with a 60*60 fan.

    I now can overclock much much higher as well.
    1.533Ghz to 2.158Ghz!!! (but for some reason, the windowsXP's "system" reads it at something like 1.2Ghz or something...)

    Now, it is at 1.82Ghz rock stable with temperature @ around 36C. (Winter here in SoCal so I think that helps a little. :P) [btw, the bio's POST speed is supposed to be 1.9Ghz but windowsXP's "system" shows 1.82Ghz...] oh well, it's still good. Why? read on. lol.

    Before my new hsf, I couldn't even go over 1.7Ghz without having a stable computer. The temp went as high as ~65C!

    Anyway, very happy with this hs. (and the fans are very bright!!! LOL. They're blue. Too bad, I need a window in my case. but it's all good. There are blue light shining out of the slits for the case and drive bays, etc. LOL.)

    Ok, I should stop now. :P I think I have expressed enough of my joy.
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    Oh man, I wish I had some cooling like that. Congratulations on the good buy man, you can't find a much better HSF than that. But I suggest you don't stop there man. Find out what's keeping you from overclocking more, deal with it and keep going. Obviously heat isn't an issue so you can keep pushing your rig.

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