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    Hard Drive Layout

    Hi all. I got twin WD200GB 8MB PATA drives day after thanksgiving, and will be putting them in RAID-0. I have a 120GB maxtor Ultra133, and a 60gb maxtor Ultra100 drive. DVD Burner is Ultra66 and dvd rom 33. I was thinking of making a plexiglass enclosure for the new drives and putting them in front of the tornado i have as an intake fan, lol. But the question is this: What should I put on what drive? And how would many of you recommend partitioning the RAID (if at all). (The twin 200's each came with an Ultra100 TX2 controller (i might try modding one into a FastTrak 100 TX2, btw, so if anyone knows if this can be done and how...) Thanx.

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    Unless you're planning on using the RAID 0 array for video editing, then many suggest loading your OS and games on the array.

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    I would put anything that may need the extra bandwith on the array, and use the other drives for storage.
    It's hard to look at it like a learning experence.

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    thanks for the article, but it is for the wrong card, lol - - mine is the new Ultra100 TX2, and it doesnt have one of those giant bios chips on the right side of the board.
    So...does anyone know of a mod for one of these?

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