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    Question Where to find Damn Mushkin!!??

    I need to buy some mushkin memory and I live in Montreal, Canada... Any1 can look or know a shop that sells that memory (not online shop plz). Also is it online available online cauz I cant seems to find that brand in any of my locals shop and did like 15 phone calls to different shops and none had them. Any1 can help me out??


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    I don't think you will have much luck unless you shop online.

    If you can't buy from newegg just buy direct from Mushkin.

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    yeah you will probably get it cheaper from newegg than a local store anyway, and most stores seem to be err, less specialised, ie: they dont have a clue what you're on about when u ask for Mushkin or HyperX or somethin.

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    just go to they will ship to canda probrolly

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    Oh well tx anyway... Just that my parents are old style so they are affraid of doing stuffs over the net . Patience only 1 yr before credit card Ill guess ill just go with OCZ still good but Mushkin seems lil better

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    Originally posted by darkshodokan07
    Patience only 1 yr before credit card
    Or just a checking account with a debit card
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    Yea debit cards work great, then again if not mistaken you can't get them in Canada. If not mistaken thats what someone told me, then again if you can all websites I order stuff from work with my debit card.
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    Many vendors accept money orders. If you order outside of your country, you'll need to get an international money order. Seemed like there were a couple good Canadian internet/mail order computer vendors. Another alternative (if you are after BH-5 RAM) is Kingston HyperX PC3000 or PC3200 (non"A") RAM. Just make sure it's rated 2,2,2,6,1T and it should have the BH-5 chips.
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    i believe canadians can get paypal, and you can get a debit card from them, and add funds to your account, and pay that way....but, man...what a hassle if you are only buying one stick of ram.

    maybe you need to have your parents read posts from some of us, who have spent several thousand online in a year or so, and have never been ripped off....this is partly due to the fact that i shop at reputable shops online, and not the shadey places. i do shop on e-bay, but i don't suggest you go there, unless you know how to find the trolls from the legit's like a flea market there......but i love the bargain hunt, and the gamble...i

    the posts in the thread are suggesting, and, and although i never ordered directly from, i know they are top notch, and are safe to shop with, and i have spent over $2000 at in the past 6-12 months, and have no regrets.

    here's a couple of my bigger orders at, within a month or so time frame:
    $544.98 4/3/2003 2:32:52 PM
    $827.99 3/19/2003 10:31:14 AM

    also, tell your parents that all of us who shop at newegg find almost everything considerably cheaper than buying locally. like that at7-max2 that debut at 171 dollars, and was selling for 279 at my local comp-usa.

    my chieftec case which was 70, plus 15 to ship from newegg, but comp-usa was asking 149.99 locally.

    my neighbors 149 dollar msi motherboard from comp-usa......81 dollars at the same time at newegg.

    newegg is top notch in customer service, and is free, or cheap shipping on everything....don't let that fool you, ..i always get my orders within 2-3 business days, and i'm in new york, and they are in california.

    if your parents buy from newegg, they "will" save money, and have the memory very quickly.

    man, lemme shut up...i love newegg.....i ordered 2 black chieftec side panels, with window, and locking latch with keys....4 dollars each, plus 5 shipping each. 18 shipped for both, and they will be here well spent...

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