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    Which Viewsonic monitor to get? P90F or G90FB

    Here's a spec chart:

    Spec-wise, the P90F wins coz it can do 1600x1200 at 85Hz. Whereas the G90FB can only do it at 75Hz. But after reading several reviews of the P90F, i've learned that several owners experience a slight concaving or convexing in display... even some experienced uneven colors and other anomalies. I have not found any negative reviews about the G90FB though. So now I'm having second thoughts on the P90F, it's a higher model than the G90FB but howcome it's quality if worst that the Gseries? So should I go for a monitor that is superior in specifications but with a couple of bad reviews or a lower end monitor with neutral reviews. Price is not a concern because they are priced the same here (which is another weird thing, coz again the P series is higher than the G series).

    Or should I settle for the Samsung Syncmaster 957MB instead?

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    i have the g90fb and i love it no porblems yet and it has been a year so far

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    Anybody else?

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    I have not had a problem with my P90F.

    Viewsonic 2025wm
    AMD 4000+
    Asus An8-sli Premium
    2gig GSkill 3200
    1 Maxtor 80 XP Pro
    1 Maxtor 250 gaming-Backup
    Corsair 650TX
    EVGA GeForce 260
    SB X-Fi

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    Sirius... so can you say that your display is perfect or at least near to it? I mean, no obvious screen irregularities, uneven colors, screen geometry problems etc? I would love to hear a more detailed feedback regarding your P90F. Any rants at all?

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