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    Talking Eheim 1250 1/2" ??

    Which adapter do I need for inlet of eheim 1250?

    I'm trying to build 1/2" sys but only outlet seems to be 1/2" compatible...How did you guys solve this problem?


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    According to eheim's own specs;

    Inlet (suction side) = 3/4"
    Outlet (pressure) = 1/2"

    Though I can tell you as an owner of one, that the outlet is smaller than 1/2" once you adda barb, and the inlet is just over 1/2". I use 3/8" silicon tubing and it fits very well on the outlet (perfectly infact, 1/2" my arse), and I've managed to stretch it over the inlet. It was a struggle, but doable with patience.

    If you're gunna use 1/2" tubing, it'll fit nicely on the inlet, but will probably have to be hose clamped to the outlet.

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    Leggysoe, just boil some water and hold the ned of the hose you want to put on the inlet in the boiling/boiled water for a minute or two, that'll soften it up and you can easily stretch it over the inlet barb. The problem you'll probably have with wanting to go all 1/2" hose is the outlet, it will be a bit of a loose fit so you'll definitely need to put a clamp on it.
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    What he said about boiling and clamping... I just finished assembling home made sys with 1250 and 1/2 inch tubing. Just use the stock plastic barbs that come with the pump, avoid kinks and tight turns, and your flow will be just great. I was going to put new and bigger barbs on but testing the pump stock showed excellent flow, so I abandoned that bright idea for now. If you do put new ones on, be sure that the inside diameter of the inlet is at least 1/8 inch larger than the ID of the outlet.
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    IF you want just go to home depot and put up 1/2" by 1/2"NPT and 1/2" by 3/8"NPT plastic barbs and replace the stock ones.
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