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    Question Hi, quick questions

    Hi there. My first time posting here and I have some ?'s about pelt cooling.

    My setup is:
    2500 barton
    abit nf7-s v2
    radeon 9800pro
    antec truepower 480
    some hard drives and an optical drive

    My watercooling parts:
    dtek WW block
    danner mag 3
    chevy caprice heatercore, about 9"x6"
    2 enermax 120mm adjustable
    dangerden bayres.

    I have the opportunity to get a friends swiftech 226w pelt setup, minus the power supply. Think my setup can handle the heat from overclocking the cpu beyond 2v and the pelt, I'll be changing the waterblock to my friends. My next question is I found a meanwell s-320-48, a lot more then the needed 12v to power the pelt. Think I can still use this to power the pelt, or is there a way to control the current going to the pelt? 12v as opposed to the full 48v. Thanks for the help

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    I feel that your system will be able to handle the heat of a processor at 2 volts, but I don't see why you need that much voltage. In any case I think you should get an evaporative cooler for your system. They remove far more heat, and cool to below ambient. This is really good for peltiers.

    As far as the PSU that puts out 48 volts, you could make a voltage controller for it, but I think you would be better off with a 12v PSU. If you decide to go the voltage controller route, make sure the PSU puts out enough watts of energy, it's not just the volts that count here. And more importantly, realize how much current will be going through the controller, and get parts rated to handle this much and a bit more. Nothing like an unpowered peltier to insulate your processor!

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