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    Exclamation O/C CPU Not Working Properly

    I am trying to O/C my CPU to 2.2ghz. I am using 2700 512 DRR RAM. I had my my o/c set at 12.5x and 166fsb (cant go any higher) and it got to 2.09ghz. So I made my Voltage to cpu to 1.7 and made my cpu 13.5x, but my cpu says its running 918mhz! WHAT THE HELL! Could someone tell me what to do to make it right? Thank you, if u need any more information on my pc its on my signiture below.

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    hmm itīs becuase you clock it on Wrong way. and i see that your a newbie...i can think that u use an AMD Athlon Xp 2800+ if u wanna have 2.2ghz you may use 12.5 and use 200FSB but your memory doesnt support 200mhz so you may need to buy 3200memory (400mhz).

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    Actually to get 2.2Ghz with a 200Mhz FSB your multiplier would be 11. A multiplier of 12.5 would put you at 2.5Ghz. Theres a chance that you memory simply cannot clock to 200Mhz. Also, not all Athlon XP 2500+ cpus have unlocked multipliers. My processor is locked at its default multiplier of 11. Your best bet is to research the memory you have and find out if you can indeed overclock it to PC3200 spces. If not, you'll be buying some new memory. At the moment I have my XP 2500+ running at 2.2Ghz with a 200Mhz FSB with a multiplier of 11. I'm running dual 512MB Corsair Value Select PC3200 at stock timings. The chips are about 85.00/each. Good luck.

    - ThePCGuy

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