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    DCC XpPRO-XpPRO using Cat5 Crossover

    hey, im going crazy here...i have 2 machines running xp pro connected by a crossover ethernet hubs, no routers....i cannot got the 2 computers to network...they sometimes recognize each other, but will not allow accesss. also, only aobut 3 packets are sent and received and nothing mroe happens. the 2 computers are :
    computer A: dual AMD, 2 network cards with DSL
    Computer B: old pentium, 1 network card, no internet

    i would like computer B, to connect to A and be able to share resources and internet. can someone help me please?? i had to get rid of zone alarm for this and go with PC-cillian (which i dislike) as it worked for a few hours. restarted, come back the next day, no luck at al

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    follow this guide,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    refer to the OS specific help guides,,,,

    or this thread which is a sticky in this section
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