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    2500 at 2.3g and 1700 at 2.3g.. which will you take?

    I get a barton 2500 can do 2.3 at 1.7votlage unlock for $85 here and on other hand i get a xp1700 doing 2.3 at 1.6votlage at 75 bucks. which one will you take? which one run faster? I know barton with more cache, but sandra give same score. Maybe sandra crap?

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    Barton would be a better choice if you're gonna be running the chip only at 2.3GHz. Sandra doesn't use the cache so the scores will be the same, even if u used a duron the score would still be the same, sandra is not a good way to benchmark two different kinds of CPUs.
    To get a better view of the performance difference you could run a CPU dependant benchmark or game, like Unreal Tournament 2003 (UT2003), which is very CPU dependant.
    But anyway, the barton will be faster than the Tbred at the same speed.
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