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    Exclamation Fresh water comes out blueish!!

    Got a new case (Aopen H700B), which ment it was time to redo my H20 setup. After I was done leaktesting, I drained out the fresh filtered water and noticed it was blueish. I have never used any dyes in my system. Only used WaterWetter. Radiator is the Heater Core and a block is a Dangerden Maze1 powered by an Enhiem 1250.

    Is that just growth in my radiator thats coming out? If so, that mean I should be using more waterwetter?
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    I've had the same blueish water after draining my water cooler. I too used water wetter at the time.

    I have no clue where its from, but I wouldn't add more water wetter because of it.
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    Its poison!!! j/k but you never know....

    Well you could add some bacteriostat (from sears) if its bacteria. I've had green water but not blue. Perhaps someone else can enlighten us.
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