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    Question Please Help! What is Inetpub? In Windows.

    Hay Sup

    In my PC under windows XP Pro

    C:\Inetpub\ \AdminScripts

    What are these files for?

    Are they a BUG? "Datamining, aggressive advertising, Parasites, Scumware, Keyloggers, selected traditional Trojans, Dialers, Malware, Browser hijackers, tracking components."

    What ever it is, its realy deep in to my windows XP Pro!

    Do I need to remove these files?

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    One of the things you installed was IIS (Internet Information Services) from the Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs-->Add/Remove Windows Components...C:\Inetpub is the directory created by the IIS web server.

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    Wierd just noticed I have that now as well. I remember IIS from installing Visual Studios .NET.

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    That directory is for web based administration of a web site, and web site hosting.
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    You probably shouldn't muddle around with any windows files....

    What are you using to scan for spyware?

    Lavasoft's Adaware seems pretty good, and it doesn't bother with my inetpub when I scan.

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    the best way to remove this without screwing something up would be to uninstall iis... start > control panel > add/remove programs > add remove windows components > find it there somewhere...

    botteneatrpi, iis is NOT spyware - its simply running a internet information systems service on your computer... aka website, or ftp server, or mail server
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    Sorry I know this is an old post... My dad noticed this today on his computer, and he says that it was not there prior to a week ago. I also have it but I don't have (catalog.wci) odd.. Well does it have anything to do with DVD playing software???

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    catalog.wci also has to do with IIS. If you really worried, run a spyware and AV scan

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    Yah I figured that, No worry about spyware now that I know how to turn it off thanks to this Thread... I was just wondering if it had anything to do with he DVD playing software, that is the last thing we did... Well we also did some windows updates..

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