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    9600XT o/c problem...

    Hi all,

    I just got my PowerColor 9600XT Bravo edition (128 MB)
    and I found that this card aren't stable for overclocking. I only got 3760 for my 3Dmark'03. Here are my Comp's spec :

    AMD Athlon XP1800++
    sis 745 ultra
    512 DDR SDRAM (266Mhz I think)
    no o/c to my processor.

    The default core speed for my card are 500 Mhz and I can't go higher than 520. (Above 520 will cause the 3Dmark'03 crash)
    Should I increase the voltage for my card to push up the core ??

    And, are my 3Dmark'03 'suppose' to be like this low with my system?? PLease help, thanks.

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    For a default system, it sounds about right. Overclocking is a "luck of the draw" thing, and if you can't overclock higher, it's because you just can't. Setting voltage to the card higher in the BIOS won't help a thing, but you can try. Your next logical step is improved cooling on the ram and core, with RAM overclocks being most important for the 4 pipeline 9600 series.

    After that, volt mods are the next step, but it doesn't sound like you are ready for that yet. Learn your card well before you start soldering on it
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    Mine are that low with my system. Which doesnt make sence since my cpu is oced 147mhz ontop of the original 2000mhz making it 647mhz faster than the 1800

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    3DMark03 tests your graphics card. 3DMark01 tests your whole system. So if you have the same graphics cards, your 03 scores should be about the same.

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    Hey Zephon,
    I've got the Powercolor 9600XT and it's core is a POS also for overclocking. Anything higher then 513 and games and 3DMark03 would crash/hang/puke/throw a fit. The memory seems pretty good. I got it to run 364 pretty stable. I think Powercolor 9600XT use really crappy left over cores from ATI. Alacritan's 9600XT is an exception of course. Lucky b@st@rd!

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    Ive got a shappire 9600XT and can hit 543mhz core, but it runs 61C at that speed with load.
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    I have a sapphire 9600xt 256Mb and can't get a single MHz out of the memory.Any frequency above 300 will make fonts turn green and blurrish.
    Could someone suggest me a good overclocking program , since I'm new with radeon cards and I've only used powerstrip so far?

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    I have a shapphire 128 9600xt, I have gone as far as 555 on core and I was hitting 43c on load and I thought that was high. 61c sounds insane, maybe I can push mine up some.

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