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    Ok Guys Im Going For Amd

    cos i dont think the so much higher processors of p4 and the higher prices motherbaords are worth the little more speed they give, ill spent that money on a 9700 pro instead of getting a 9600 pro guys, thx for all the information and i hope i dont have to ask so many questions in the future, i really learned a lot the last 3 days and i cant wait to get my amd 2500+ barton and make it a 3200+ barton and laugh at my cousins 2.67 ghz p4b

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    nice dude. i could care less about what type of processors i use, but that's just me.

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    Im sticking with AMD for awhile myself, I have of course done both AMD and Intel, but for right now AMD has the best bang for the buck

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    thats a good call saving $ by getting the 2500+ and put it towards 9700 pro.

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    Originally posted by ilpimp
    nice dude. i could care less about what type of processors i use, but that's just me.
    Well, playing games, if you have a 1.3ghz and 1.7ghz celeron, your framerates are gonna suck =P now a 1.7ghz athlon is another story 8)

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