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    P111 450 overclocking to 558 .... questions inside

    Hi My motherboard is an Asus p2b-f and I have been able to overclock to to a fsb of 124 (133 no good).

    My question is , the Asus can get me to an fsb of 124 with 2 different jumper settings. One gives a pci frequency of 31Mhz the other a pci frequency of 41.33 Mhz. I understand that a pci frequency as high as 41.33 can stress your components in particular the hard-drive. Is it therefore wiser to keep the pci frequency at 31 which is slightly below the 33 Mhz standard?

    All responses will be appreciated

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    If you have a good quality hardrive such as an ibm then you should be fine but it can put a lot of strain on them, my maxtor stops me running at that speed but If I turn udma off and set it to pio mode it runs fine just really slow.

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