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    First time OC w/ 2.4c

    This is my first time OC'ing a system.. I am running a 2.4c w/ an ai7 and 2x256mb of mushkin lvl 2.
    Right now I am stuck at 265fsb, anything higher is not prime stable. I am running:
    vcore: 1.55
    vdimm: 2.8
    my ram is 5:4 at 2-3-2-6
    last 2 gat settings are disabled.
    I'd really like to get above the 3.2 I'm at right now, hoping for 3.4+. Any suggestions?
    btw I'm using an sp94 and my cpu load temps are 42C.

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    Looks like you have good components and looks like you have the settings right. Make sure the PCI/AGP is set to "fix". If so, then you probably need a little more vcore. maybe try 1.6v since you have good cooling.
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