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    How to tell when pushing memory tofar

    Just like the subject matter says,how do I know when I'm pushing my memory to much?


    I am using 200x11 at the mo.
    Tried using 210x11,boots fine and windows works OK.All settings at stock.
    Just a few minor glitches(maybe nothing)when booting up,memory is stated as 418mhz,also tried 205x11 and memory at boot was stated as 408.

    My memory is twinmoss 512mb pc3200 CL3.

    I've heard of data corruption when pushing memory,which is something I really can't afford to do.

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    Run MemTest86 for 24 hours. If you get no errors, you're fine.
    James E. Petts

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    worse yet, no post
    I think beyond benching this and benching that if you can run a week with no errors and rebench at what you benched at before you checked overall stability then you are good to go
    ALWAYS change one thing at a time, its best to know where you stood before things crashed.

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    as stated rum memtest86, or just run your favorite program that is very memory bandwith intensive (max 5 is my favorite) and if nothing happens then you are good to go. I never run memtest86 unless i blantently see something wrong.

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