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    Thumbs down Athlon XP 1900+ running as a 1500+...

    I have an AMD Athlon 1900+, and ever since this incident I've been able to run it at the defualt 1.6ghz speed. Heres what happened:

    I was taking my heatsink off my processor and it slipped and fell out of my fingers and off the processor. It didn't do any damage to the motherboard, processor, or graphics card (as far as I know). I believe the connector to the HSF was plugged into the motherboard when it dropped, and when I picked it back up...the connector was no longer connected (what I'm trying to say is that when the heatsink dropped, it sorta tugged the connector from the motherboard possibly damaging something?).

    Onto the depressing part.

    Ever since that incident I can no longer boot windows with the 1900+ @ 1.6ghz. I have to set it up as a 1500+ @ 1.2ghz. Trying to load it as the original 1900+ gets me (sometimes) as far as the Administrative password log in screen that pops up before you can actually log into windows. I've tryed everything to get it to run as a 1900+ again with no avail.

    If anyone might have an idea, or suggestion I would appreciate the help. If not...than this will be a good exscuse for me just to buy a new processor (athlon XP 2500+??).

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    Are you sure you didn't just damage the fan or the fan header on the motherboard? Check the core for cracks or chips, make sure its seated properly. And make sure the fan is running. If it isn't, try plugging into a different fan header or using a different fan.

    If this is a pally core, it probably runs hot as hell and needs that fan to run at standard frequency. My money is on the fan/fan header based on your description.
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    Are you sure you didn't just damage the fan or the fan header on the motherboard?
    Well the fan is running so I assume everything is ok with the fan and fan header.

    If this is a pally core
    Yep its a pally core, and it runs red hot :-p

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