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Thread: Corsair or PNY

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    Corsair or PNY

    i am wondering if Corsair value or PNY

    what would be better
    i want to run at stock speeds(since i don't know how to overclock it) but will Corsair be better?

    they are both sold locally
    i would assume Corsair and don't mind spending more for it, but will it be worth it?
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    .........I would try for the XMS Corsair if you can afford it. I know PNY has had its problems in the past. I would go Corsair. You'll probably find it alot cheaper online.........

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    If you're just going to run it at stock speed, I recommend Crucial RAM, no need to spend more for Corsair XMS or those high performance RAM.

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    Given the choice between the two I would lean toward Corsair. Only because I have had better results with them. But if it's just for a stock system go with the cheapest and just mem test it to make sure it's good enough for it's intended purpose.

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    Hario, he's talking about corsair value ram. I would say its worth the bit extra over the PNY, i doubt there's much price diff at all, and well, you'll feel more safe and sound buying the corsair. Maybe you should look into Kingston's value ram too. That stuff can be seriously killer.

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    I would use Corsair Value over PNY.

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