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    Lian-Li PC-75/b Question

    Ok im at a deadlock between the Lian Li PC-75 and the PC-75B, there are strenths and weaknesses depending on color (ie Accesorys).

    Basically what i was wondering was if the black anodising on the 75B served any purpose other than look purdy.

    Your help would be much appreciated

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    Basically is it worth the extra 10 buck for black?

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    it all depends on your preference.. black is easier to match drives.... thats the main benefit.. but if you like the silver look by all means go for it =p

    and both the silver and black is anodized

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    You like silver or you like Black, I blieve that is what you have to decide. I got the silver wavemaster but now I wish I had got the pc-75 but my wife will kill me if I buy it now.

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    Hi AMD-Me
    I've got the PC 65, and just picked up the PC 65B ($120 @ Excaliber ). Both cases are identical with the exception of color, and really, I can't decide which one I like better. If you'd like to check out accessories to help you with your decision go to this page at Frozen CPU.
    BTW good choice, really easy to work on/with .
    Good Luck!!
    To Be Determined

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    Black shows dust really easy. silver doesn't

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