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Thread: Future LCD's

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    Future LCD's

    I'm curious - does anyone know when to anticipate new (better) LCD's to appear on the market? It seems things have been pretty stagnant for a while now. I've been thinking of getting a 19" lcd like the samsung 191T+, but would love to see some even better products come out.

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    they said last year we will get them now. but hey they are waiting for god know what reason..... the new generation of LCD's are working etc etc and are ready but they are simply not being produced.

    if you have a crt and you would like a TFT get one. i use the tft for windows and my crt just for gaming.
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    Well OLED is already being used in other consumer electronics. When it will come to monitors?Soon, hopeful.

    Good LCDs are already out. Willingness to shell out for them is entirely up to the buyer. About now, one saying they have a good monitor is "21 inch Trinitron." Which is about the same as saying "2GHz X86."

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