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    1800+ Agoia

    Hey boys and girls, I was working on my g/f's computer last nite, and I wanted to see what she had as a processor. I knew I had put in a pally in for her about a year ago, and i wanted to check the codes on it.

    1800 DMT3C
    AGOIA 0230CPAW

    There's no little sticker at the bottom, I got that info off the core.
    Is this one of those 1.6 gig oc's or could I get it up higher?

    Thanks in advance.

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    sounds like a palomino. i got mine to 1.73ghz at 1.85v as a reference.......

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    Yeah its a pally. I wouldn't overclock it, as your girlfriend probably wouldn't see a difference.
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    True that. I was just curious. Thanks guys.

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