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    Expected RAID 0 speeds

    Hello, I installed the Fasttrack TX4000 in my computer. The motherboard is the K7D Master, so I put the card in the 66MHz PCI slot 2. It's the only card in the 66MHz PCI slots. I am doing RAID 0 using 2 hard drive, Wester Digital 110GB 7200RPM 8MB cache ATA 100. I partitioned it to 20GB (NTFS for windows install), 100GB (FAT32), 100GB(FAT32). I benchmarked the NTFS partition with Sandra 2003 and found the drive speed to be about 50MB/s, this seems kinda low. Any ideas if this is about the correct speed, or is something wrong. Would partitioning to aprox. each drive's size prevent striping across both drives?


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    Nope, that's relatively close to correct. Sandra isn't the best benchmark to use; I would suggest ATTO or HDTach. Nevertheless, it sounds like you're relatively close.

    You must remember that since you've partitioned the drive up, that first partition is on the innermost tracks. Benchmark the last partition and I bet it will crank out some serious numbers...
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    Ok, thanks for your reply. I'll try benchmarking with the tools you mentioned, and I'll also bench the last partition.


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    somebody started this thread

    about the raid speeds, come make a screenshot, and add to teh database, so we can compare.

    This thread is NOT a race for the fastest speeds, just a little comparison between raid setups.

    PS> I won't even try to go near twin or triple raptors in RAID0....

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