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    any way to attach 80mm tornado onto thermaltake volcano 6 C+

    i remove the heatsink' fan which is a 60 mm, and try to fit a 80 mm tornado on the heatsink but no go. any way to attach it? by the way, i also clean out the goop come with the heatsink. Then i clean it up with alcohol, apply some arctic silver 5, and lo and behold, my cpu idle tempt dropped by 8 degrees from 41 C, good stuff that as5

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    Correct me if im wrong but you have a 60mm hs that you want to put an 80mm fan on? If so you can buy a 60-80mm adapter for around $2-$3 thatll allow you to do that.

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    soud good, but shipping gonnna kill it

    wondering compusa or microcenter might offer something. hm, should had paid more attention in art and craft class.

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