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Thread: upgrading CPU

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    upgrading CPU

    I've been thinking about upgrading my 300A @450 but have not been keeping up the overclocking scene. I'm using an abit BH6 Mobo. What's the best processor for this Mobo. I have a large dual fan heatsink. Thanks.

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    Depends on how much youre looking at to spend.. for a cheap price you could get a Celly II 566 - ($70) that will do 850 most likely.. or if you want you can get a CC0 stepping P3-700 for a little more that will do a gig...
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    Make sure you flash the bios for the most updated compatability.

    Older bios will not recognize the new codes.
    Also I believe it will give better fsb options.

    The P!!! 700e SL4C3 slot 1 chip rocks!

    I have grabbed three of these already, one I nailed for 189.00 in January from my local vendor.

    the other two tested and gauranteed from PCNUT for 210 ea shipped.

    I've had these chips up to 1050 on a be6 and a p3v4x board.

    good luck!!


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    Update the bios & then buy a Celly II 600 and you'll get it up to 900 no probs.
    Buy a better HSF too.

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