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    xp on an old 3gig HDD ..good/bad idea?

    Ok, ive been screwing around with linux, getting sick of xp. well one day i caught a nasty worm, had to reformat. screwed over my MBR with XP's recovery, couldnt boot at all. reformat again. Linux did something i ended up going back all XP. i have a 15gig for OS, a 120gig for storage of my videos and photos, and a odd little 3gig from an older system i kept as FAT32. i was just to lazy to copy stuff from my old system and threw the drive in. well after crammin linux on it and much frustration, it is now blank. Would it be a bad idea to put winxp on a small older drive? i was thinking maybe doing it 3gig OS, 15gig Apps, and keeping the 120 as storage. im not a big fan of partitioning.
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    Should fit fine, but the old drive is probably slow - 5,400RPM, ATA-66 or 33, so it won't be too speedy.

    You could give it a shot, but if it's really sluggish, then you know why.

    A good move might be to put your swapfile on a different drive (perhaps the 120gigger) to help a little bit.

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    3GB drive is under M$ 4GB minimum for XP but it should be slow ATA 66/33 and at best 512K buffer so you'll have squat in pre- fetch and will always be running out. your much better off partitioning the 120 to a 10GB for the OS or so and yes I saw you don't like to partition but it will yield the best results for what you have and if you DL a partition program it's easy as pie to do and will take no time at all.

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    it'll fit no problem. I managed to fit xp on a 1.2gb drive. I made a thread here actually.


    there we go. winxp pro on a 1.2gb hdd.
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