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    Can anyone tell me why not to get this psu?

    at 72.99,

    30a @ 12v
    50a @ 5v
    35a @ 3.3v

    Big ass 140mm fan that has 3 speed settings? Am is missing something this seems too good to be true.

    ( BTW this is the one just reviewed on the front page )

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    I used a TTGI psu for a while- they make decent psus that put out what they are rated to put out.
    I own a computer!

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    The only thing would be, which is the better buy:

    A TTGI 550W

    or a

    Fortron Source 530W

    a detailed comparison between the two could answer alot of questions, and create some I guess.

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    They are fairly decent quality PSU's on the whole, some are duds, some are excellent.

    I'm not sure it'll give those rated amps, but it should come out at atleast 80% of those I'd think, should power just about any PC out there.

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    This is interesting .I look at the same two psus. Fisrt I wanted to go with the fortron 530 because of all t he recommondations on this forum, but ther are two points to consider for me. I live in the desert so in summer the average temp during the day is 85F .If you read the following good thread you see, that it gets quite loud at those temps. The other is that I have an Inwin case were the cpu sits at the side of the psu. The fortron will take in the air at the back, which creates a greater heat trap around the cpu/powersupply circuits without creating a opening on top of the case.
    The ideal alternative seems to be the ttgi psu : a 14 cm fan taking all the air out around the cpu and definatly much quieter at higher temps.
    The prices are comparable, so seem to be the 12V rails (fortron give some to the specs , ttgi take some.
    The only question left: will the ttgi hold up to the forton quality?

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    Look man, today my room was 81F. My fortron couldn't be heard.

    I have no idea how hot it was inside the fortron, but it was definatly over 85F.

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