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Thread: What to get?

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    What to get?

    I'm gonna get a new hdd for mass storage so 160GB is the optimal size, cheep and LARGE. I'm gonna get another one in a month or so and put them in RAID so I want them to be SATA. One of my friends tells me to buy the Maxtor Diamondmax+9 and another tells me to buy Western Digital Caviar SE. The WD is a bit faster, but what do you think? WD or Maxtor?

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    those are both one of the best that you can get right now.

    Best one is hitachi 7k250 drives, as being the fastest, i assume you don't wat to look at raptors....... since you need the storage.

    It's basically personal preference between the maxtors and the WD's but you can't go wrong with either one. In my sig you can see that I went with the maxtors because i got a pretty good deal on ID drives, and used an SATA-PATA adapter. But my choice was between the 2 you mentioned too.

    I'd just say go with this option and look for the best deal on either of them!
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