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    Unhappy Antec TrueBlue 480 CoolingFans Die!

    Recently the fans in my Antec 480 stopped working. As well the fan only connectors went dead. I RMA'd the unit for a replacement. The PS was only 9 months old. I contacted Antec and of course they said this was not a common problem. However I am seeing it surface on several different forums. I can only guess that the temp. sensor failed. The unit ran perfectly except got a little warm over time. The replacement unit has improved black molex connectors and a couple of those new hard drive connectors. I wonder if Antec has upgraded the temp. sensor as well. This experience was a bit of a dissapointment considering what I paid for the unit. The Enermax on my second computer is still running perfectly after at least 2 years of steady use.

    Any thoughts or comments?

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    holy crap..... i was just browsing the forum to see if anyone had replaced the fans in the trueblue 480 and what kind of luck they had... i'm planning on using 49cfm fans (panaflo and ys tech) to replace the ones in there now. the article on the front page said to connect it right off a 12v rail, not the fan connector, so they run at full speed. i'll definitely be doing this soon.
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