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    5min from Philly Airport

    water chiller on the cheap...anyone know of these?
    saw this chiller and was wondering if anyone has any info on these.

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    It's a 50w pelt. It won't do much (if anything at all) for your temperatures.

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    $109 doesn't seem all that "cheap" either.. but I know nothing of "chilling" so i'll just shaddap now.
    Biostar TP35d2a7(mod 521 bios)..
    e4300@8x400 1.5v(bum chip)..
    2gig Gskill 2GBNQ(4-4-4-12)..
    450watt coolermaster psu(lol..)
    evga 8800gts 640meg..
    rbx,chevette,mag2, etc water..

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