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    3.3Vsense line on an Aspire 500W PSU

    I have a Aspire SuperAlien X case, with a 500W PSU

    Im tryin to mod it so my 3.3V in higher (only 3.28V in MBM)...but I realized that all 3 orange 3.3V wires on the ATX header block are the SAME WIDTH...I understand that the Vsense lline is supposed to be the thinnest and shares a pin with one of 3.3V wires...but on my PSU, all 3 orange wires are same width...with no second wire attached to any of them...

    Anyone own a Aspire 500W PSU and know which wire is the Vsense line?


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    It's one of the wires paired together and going to the same pin, but the only way to find out which one carries power and which one is just the voltage sense wire is by doing one of the following:

    1. Spend $100 on a clamp-on meter that can read DC amps, and clamp around only one orange wire at a time to find which has the most current flowing through it.

    2. Unplug the PSU, wait 20 minutes for the big capacitors to discharge for sure, and open the PSU to see where all the orange wires go. The ones tjat carru power will connect to the same area of copper, while the voltage sense wire will go to a separate area. The area for the +3.3V power wires should be marked something like "+3.3V" and may also be outlined, while the voltage sense wire should be in a different area that may be marked something like "sense","+3.3V sense," "Vs","Vsense", or "s". To trace this wire out to the connector, you may be able to tug on it slightly to make it slip, or use an ohm meter. If you don't have an ohm meter, get a digital volt-ohm meter because you really want to measure the +3.3V under load with one anyway. You also shouldn't worry about meaninglessly small deviations because +3.28V is just 0.6% away from perfect, assuming that MBM is accurate, which most likely it's not. 0.6% is som small that it's within the accuracy limit of some digital meters.

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