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    Keycorp ISA graphics card + lcd screen.

    I need drivers for a keycorp lcd screen which has model no. K56E

    The ISA card says Flat screen digital svga board. on it and the main chip is made by CHIPS - F65540 A
    it also has on another chip (like a bios chip) K56 SVGA ver 1.6

    The model no. for the card is K56 DS1M.

    Don't know if this means anything to anyone but any help is appreciated.

    - I do know that you can get a PCI version as it is the only driver I can find. Iam going to try the card and lcd under 98SE tomorrow and see if I can do anything to get it to work! - it will work without the drivers but at 640*480 @ not very many colours. But from what Ive read it can do 800*600 @ 256 (or some say 16bit) full screen.

    If you require any more info please let me know! I can take a pic of it if needed! and if any of u just want to see it! lol
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    If there is no identifier as to who made the card, try looking at the FCC; if you can locate the FCC id number. This should tell you at the least who manufactured the card, and may lead you to a driver more easily.

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    drivers should be at this address:

    note, I have a k57 and card (PCI) onsale on ebay at:

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbarrows

    note, I have a k57 and card (PCI) onsale on ebay at:
    This is not allowed!, please refrain from doing this
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    "Chips and Technologies" graphics got bought out by Intel. You many have some luck digging drivers and support out of Intel's site.

    Heh, one thing about that. I swear my old circa 1988 C&T ISA graphics card had better 2D performance than intel onboard graphics from 10 years later, after they bought them.....
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