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    Question How to quiet down my HD?

    Anyone got any ghetto ideas for quiteing down my hard drive? I recently went through buying a fan controller and re-wireing all my fans only to find out it's the hard drive making all the noise.

    It's just the noise of the platter spinning...a kind of whineing noise. The read/write and seek noise I can't even hear.

    This HD is so loud it drowns out all 6 of my 80mm case fans at full speed.

    Anyone got some cheap ideas for quieting this thing down. It's an older 30gig 5400rpm drive so it's not worth throwing money at... I'll just buy I new one if it comes to that.

    Help, the noise is drilling a hole in my brain!!

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    i've done something like this ... works fairly well, it has noticeably quieted down both my hd's and i have a 80mm fan mounted in the front to cool both at once. It keeps my hard drives at a good temp and quiets it down. It even runs cooler than my other systems.

    but if you need more space, you should probably look forward into a segate barracuda
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    Here are several methods. Although, that idle noise is a ***** to get rid of, I'd recommend buying a new Samsung or Seagate drive if you really want quieter storage.

    Also if you like that No Vibes III in the link grab a knock off for less than half the price at SVC.

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    Hello, and welcome to the forums!

    Just curious -- what kind of motherboard and hard drive. If you're using a mobo with an Intel chipset, you can download the Intel Application Accelerator. You can use that to tune DMA settings on the drive, and if supported, acoustic management. That might be a simple software path for you ...

    Another trick is to install rubber washers between the computer case frame and the hdd to cut down on transmitted vibrations.

    Good luck! -- Paul
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    A forum member, cmcquistion, has made a great guide on how to quiet your pc, including information geared specifically towards hard drives. You can find them here:

    Step-by-Step: Building a Quiet PC from the Ground Up


    Step-by-Step: How to Quiet those Hard Drives

    Good luck.

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    Awesome! Thanks everyone, I have some reading to do...

    Everywhere else I asked just said "buy a new HD". Now where's the fun in that? It's much more satisfying to modify a cheap one...

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    Here is how I mounted the hard-drive to reduce vibaration. Used clothing elastic. Drive is in essence floating.

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