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    Air cooling 2.4c

    I have a 2.4c which maxes out at 290 on stock cooling, where it reaches up to low 60s....

    Im planning on getting a better air coolin solution that is NOT louder than the intel stock cooler, what would you recommend?

    I heard that Thermalright SP94 is one of the best heatsinks? What would you recommend for a fan? 120 or 80mm? Is Zalman CNPS7000A-AlCu one of the better ones?


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    I think you can only use 92mm and an 80mm fans...I'd go with the 92mm because it will push more air at a lower rpm than the 80mm fan

    Also, the SP94 is louder than a stock hs fan even when you turn the fan speed you might want something different.

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    SP94 with 92mm is the best air solution. Thats what I'm using for my 2.4C at 292FSB 24/7. If you worry about noise, pick a low rpm 92mm or use a fan control.

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    I would also recommend a 92mm fan, BUT since the 92mm fans usually have a larger "deadspot" you could benefit fron a 80mm in certain cases.

    But as said before, a 92mm pushes more air at a lower noiselever.

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