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    Leadtek TV2000 vs All in Wonder

    Just out of curiousity, which card gives the best video quality and has the best all around features: the all-in-wonder, or the higher end cards of Leadtek's TV2000 line? Also, how do the older all-in-wonders (e.g. the 7000) compare to the new ones? I am mainly looking for a good card in a TiVo type setup, with possibly light gaming, so the all-in-wonder cards wont be that much more expensive since I will put a halfway-decent video card in it anyway.

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    I would go for the TV2000, the quality of the video in depends on the signal going to the computer. Also the All in Wonders do not support dual LCDs

    Quality wise I think they are the same. Also you can pick which ever you want and do not have to go with ATI and when you upgrade you do not lose your TV in capabilities

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