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    Problem With IRQ's

    i just noticed that i have 5 components in my computer ( vid card, sound card, network card, usb controller and someother thing) all sharing irq number "9" i know that this is really bad and can cause my system to run unstable and cause conflicts.
    is there a solution for this? should i assign irq's manually in thebios? if so how?
    is there any site that has good info on this topic?

    any info will be appretiated. thanks

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    with windows it is ok for all your pc video cards to have the same IRQ, it just "steers" one irq between all the cards. But you should get the usb onto a new IRQ. Maybe turn off a serial port in the bios and use that IRQ for the USB would work well. If your system is stable though, don't change it! You know how the expression goes....

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    the perfect solution would be an individual IRQ for each device....but MS controlls the fact that they are only capable of working with 15 IRQs and mobo mfg's aren't changing either.

    Try to break them up a bit......either in windows or in the bios.

    Then again, if you're not having any problems, the same old thing applies....."if it ain't broke.....don't fix it"
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    im not using any serial ports at the moment. i have 2 of them cause my keyboard is ps/2 and my mouse is usb so if i diable both serial ports should that maybe fix the problem?

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    Maybe as long as your motherboard will asign a different irq to the cards.
    I have never heard of anyone having the motherboard/bios give 1 irq to 5 devices before.
    Read thru your motherboard manual it may tell you what pci slots share irq's then you could move the cards to a different slot.

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    All of my cards are working on irq 11, this inc.



    acpi irq holder for pci irq steering. there are 5 of these
    intel usb controller. 2 of
    intel smbus controller

    Irq 11 is a buisy little bee on my sys. But shes solid as a rock.

    800eb at 166 mhz

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    i dont like sharing of IRQ's 2 much so to stop some of them i will (like said above) disable anything that use's an IRQ in the BIOS.

    I also think it is a good idea to disable anything that you dont use in the BIOS as well, why waste system resources on a device you are not using ?

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    I have the GA-6OXM7E, and have seen the same thing regarding the sharing of IRQ9, 4-5 devices on the same IRQ....does not seem to be affecting the operation of the system though....must have something to do with the way Gigabyte designed the boards.

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