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    What takes abuse besides CPU during OCing

    I know the CPUs life is shortened ever so slightly when you OC, but is this true still if you OC on stock voltage?

    Also, what else takes abuse from adjusting clock speed/multiplier? PCI slots? AGP? Motherboard? Drives?

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    well the pci slots should be locked, so they dont' take that much abuse... im sure the mother board does too, but the cpu usually dies before the mobo... and yes even overclocking while at stock voltage can hurt the cpu, just not as much

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    in that case, maybe i'll just wait 6 months and buy a faster processor. Dont want to damage or shorten life of mobo

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    Any part of the system that is oc'ed is being "abused". Using dividers you can oc the cpu and leave the ram at stock, etc. But overall you are in some way taxing the entire system.

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    still, a "safe" over clock (ie, properly cooled, well maintained) can last for just as long. you are taking risks tho, they are simply calculated.
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