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    Installing XP using generic vid card

    Question. I want to install xp professional on my main machine. I previously had an Nvidia ti4200 on there, so thats why a fresh install is in order.

    My video card I ordered (radeon 9600xt), will not be here until Monday. I dont want to wait until then. Would it be ok to use a generic PCI video card to install XP, and then switch to my 9600xt agp when it comes??? That way all detonator drivers will be gone.

    Any other suggestions? These are the spare video cards I have laying around to use:

    2 generic pci video cards
    1 asus ATI chipset agp 2x card
    1 Nvidia MX420 pci video card

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    i say just wait till monday, why rush today what you can ut off till you have what you need to do it? a pci video card usually will use generic drivers, but i still dont see a reason to rush.

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    I swapped from an NVIDIA to an ATI card using Driver Cleaner 2 to strip all the NVIDIA crap out. Worked just fine for me. I personally see little reason to ever reinstall NT-based OSes.

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    I personally would wait (or at least try to wait ) until Monday, but I doubt either of your generic PCI video cards will cause any problems. I went from a 4 meg Matrox PCI card to a 9800 Pro without any issues.

    Matthias99's suggestion would also work, but it might be a little more problematic than using a non-nVidia based card at first. However, if you use the Driver Cleaner 2 as mentioned, I doubt you'll see any issues.
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    Wait, or, don't wait doesn't matter as long as you use something like driver cleaner. Shouldn't cause any problems I think. Then again all I've ever switched between is a 9500 and 9700 which is essentially identical :/
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    You dont really need to re-install just make sure you remove the nvidia drivers properly and you wont have any grief. Driver conflicts usually only happen when the old drivers are not removed thorughly, and in the off chance that you do get any problems just use a third party utility to remove any drivers ther eplenty of little proggys out there.
    I would just install any of those cards until the new card come's.

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